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As required by state law, Students must be up to date on immunizations, and the school must keep a copy of the student's immunization record. Please send a copy of any new immunizations your child receives to keep a complete and updated record on file at the school.

Information on the Immunization Requirements.

Illness and School:

Please do not send a child to school if he/she has a fever or is vomiting. Send a note of explanation or phone the school on the morning that your child is absent or no later than the first day the student is back to school.

Please be sure to update changes in your student's health information. The types of information that are important for the school to know so we can best care for your child, especially in an emergency, are:

  • Medications the student is taking
  • Allergies
  • Immunization updates
  • Any infectious disease
  • Parental/Guardian contact telephone numbers
  • Emergency contact telephone numbers
Vision Screening:

All students in Grade 8 are individually screened for vision problems. Those students in other grades who have had previous borderline results of vision testing or who are new to Westview may also screened. In all cases a note will be sent home if a referral to an eye doctor for more complete testing is indicated. A teacher or parent may request a vision screening for a student anytime during the school year. Please contact the school nurse for more information.

Hearing Screening:

All students in Grades 7 and 10 will have their hearing screened to be in compliance with the state law. New students and those students who have a previous history of ear or hearing problems may also be screened. A note is sent home if a medical evaluation or treatment is recommended. Again, a teacher or parent may request a hearing screening for any student throughout the school year.


If it is necessary for a student to take prescription medication during school hours, written verification is needed both from your doctor and a parent/guardian. A prescription label is considered doctor verification. Prescription medications should be brought to school by a parent rather than sent with the student.
Please remember medication to be given 3 times a day should usually be spaced out to every 8 hours. Before school, after school and bedtime is usually the recommended dosing schedule.

All non-prescription medications need to come to school in the original containers and should be kept in the Health Center. A parent/guardian should send a note indicating the time that the medication should be given. Your cooperation with these procedures is appreciated.

Nurse's Notes: Health information from your nurse

There is much concern over adolescent use of drugs and alcohol but there is not much talk about their use or misuse of Over the counter medications. Some say that Over the counter medications are more of a concern because of their availability, low cost, and the misconception that they are safe or safer than street drugs. Over the counter medications can occasionally be misused without the student even realizing they are misusing them. Attached is a letter by me and the National association of School nurses, informing parents about this concern and about parent resources for more information, including a campaign called Home 2 Homeroom.

Home 2 Homeroom Letter