Whereas . . . 

  • All students can learn. 
  • Accountability to promote learning is important. 
  • Attitudes and expectations of community, parents, and teachers are reflected in students. 
  • The interaction of home, community, and school is essential to quality education. 
  • Experience enhances learning. 
  • Learning is a continuous, life-long process of observation and problem solving.

Therefore, we believe . . . 

  • Accountability for learning should be shared by home, school, and community. 
  • All individuals and their cultures should be treated with respect. 
  • Education should promote creativity, critical thinking, and the enjoyment of learning. 
  • Education should address basic academic, life, and social skills essential for becoming independent adults. 
  • Students should be directed and challenged to strive toward their highest potential. 
  • School and classroom practice should be based on the best current research.