It was a different year this year with our Science Fair, but we persevered and had some great presentation.  Below is a list of our winners in each category.  Photos are on our Facebook page.  Great job EVERYONE!!!


1st place-Peyton Miller and Angela Miller

2nd place- Carly Hicks and Grace Atwater

3rd Place- Olivia Bontrager and Ava Chupp


1st place-Seth and Jarius Lambright

2nd place-Amanda Hershberger and Angela Hochstetler

3rd place- Eva Miller and Jenna Miller

Earth and Natural Science

1st place-Carver Stump

2nd place-Deborah Weaver and Marilyn Yoder

3rd place-Jason Wingard, Keegan Norberg, Cameron Eash

Social and Emotional Sciences

1st place-Emelia Mendoza  and Savannah Yoder

2nd place-Landon Gingerich and Daniel Yoder


1st place-Cynthia Yoder and Erica Lambright

2nd place-Sophia Wingard, Angelina Mishler, Amani Omar

3rd Place- Gloria Miller, Duaa Saleh, Kayla Bontrager