Last week Westview Elementary had their annual science fair....and it was better than ever.  The students worked extra hard (with 3 snow days) to get everything done and ready for presentations.  Thank you to the judges, teachers and parents for showing the kids how awesome Science is.  There are more pictures on our Facebook page.

The Ribbon winner are:

In the category of BioMedical, Health, and Microbiology

3rd Place-Aiden Slabach and Derek Bontrager-6D

2nd Place-Paige McDonald-6C

1st Place and Qualifying for Regionals are…..

     John Bontrager and Caleb Herschberger-6D

Overall Winner-Faith Stump-5G

In the category of Chemistry

3rd Place-Anna Miller and Andea Whetstone-6A

2nd Place-Melanie Yoder and Nahar Shammam-6E

1st place and Qualifying for Regionals 

Melody Lambright and Madilyn Miller-6B

In the category of Animal, Earth, and Environmental Sciences

3rd Place-Ethan Yoder and Willis Hilty-6E

2nd Place-Jeremiah Lambright and Landon Miller-6D

1st Place and Qualifying for Regionals

Juli Lambright and Jenisa Kauffman-6B

Tennley Amsden and Tori Taylor-5G

In the category of Social and Behavioral Sciences

3rd Place-Morgan Grossman and Alayah Hostetler-6B

2nd Place-Karson Mast and Tyler Brewer

1st place and qualifying for Regionals

Mabel Trethewey and Adison Miller -6D

In the category of Engineering 

3rd Place-Brandon Miller and Braydon Yoder-6B

2nd Place-Justin Miller and Nicholas Miller-6D

1st Place and qualifying for regionals are

Michael Miller and Shawn Schmucker-6D

Lucas Swanson and Evan Roth-5G

In the category of Physics

3rd Place-Jerica Slabach and Amy Hershberger-6H

2nd Place-Mary Jo Mast and Violet Tormanen-6B

1st Place and qualifying for regionals

Elizabeth Lehmer and Grace Yoder-6B