second 9 weeks

The outstanding citizens are

Heidi Bontrager    5A
Amy Miller  5B
Anthony Otto 5C
Chandler Engle 5D
Kathlyn Bontrager 5E
Hadley Yoder 5F
Toby Miller 5G
Joshua Troyer 5H
Serena Otto 6A
Hailey Otto 6B
Keera Hostetler 6C
Jesse Miller 6D
Ethan Mast 6E
Merle Miller 6G
Britton Miller 6H
Adrian Lehman 6I

The outstanding citizens are chosen based on the following:

  • They are responsible for their behavior
  • They are responsible for their assignments
  • They show respect for adults and peers
  • They serve as role models for other students
  • They respect the property and rights of others
  • They display good manners
  • They participate in the classroom and other school activities
  • They are honest and trustworthy
  • They are courteous and cooperative


PTO provided coupons to JoJo Pretzels and Kitchen Cupboard along with various food treats. These are the winners for the first grading period.